Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School
Catholic Education
Immaculate Conception Catholic School operates as a Roman Catholic school in the Diocese of Providence and in accordance and alliance with our bishop, Thomas J. Tobin. Inspired by the mission of Jesus Christ and enlightened by the Holy Spirit, the Roman Catholic schools of the Diocese of Providence are centers of education where students witness, share and grow in in the Catholic faith community.  Within the framework of Catholic Christian values, our schools strive to provide academic excellence, nurture spiritual, physical and emotional growth and assist students to become lifelong promoters of the Gospel message.
Rationale for Catholic Schools
Education is integral to the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. First and foremost every Catholic educational institution is a place to encounter the living God who reveals his transforming love and truth in Jesus Christ. cf. Spe Salvi.
Distinctive Catholic School
What makes the Catholic school distinctive is its attempt to generate a community climate in the school that is permeated by the gospel spirit of love and freedom. It tries to relate all of human culture to the goodness of salvation so that the light of faith will illumine everything that the students will gradually come to know about the world, about life and about the human person. (Second Vatican Council, Declaration on Christian Education.)
A Catholic Education
Through each of their programs, especially religious education, Catholic schools collaborate with parents as the primary educators of their children in faith, hope, and love.
  • Catholic schools educate the whole person - mind, heart, and spirit - by teaching, modeling, and instilling the teachings of the Gospel and of the Catholic faith.
  • These teachings, expressed through sacraments, religious traditions, and lived example, foster in students an ethical and Christ-like way of life.
  • By learning to value this way of life, students grow to respect the intrinsic dignity of each person and to serve the Church and the common good.
  • Catholic schools develop in each school a Christian community of students, teachers, parents, administrators, clergy and other constituents.
Catholic School Excellence

The Catholic schools of the Diocese of Providence develop each student toward his or her full potential by providing high quality instruction in all areas.

  • Catholic schools offer programs designed to develop the spiritual, academic, artistic, social, athletic, and leadership potentials of their students
  • Catholic schools encourage students to attain high standards of achievement.
  • Catholic schools seek accreditation through an established process of review.
  • Catholic schools provide education in accord with and in satisfaction of compulsory school requirements of the State of Rhode Island.


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