Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School
Tradition of Champions
2011-2012 RI State 2nd Place/Runner Up
1995-1996 Boys State Champions              
2001-2002 Boys State Champions             
2002-2003 Boys State Champions
2003-2004 Boys State Champions
2004-2005 Boys State Champions
2005-2006 Girls State Champions
2005-2006 Boys State Champions
2008-2009 Boys State Champions
Cross Country 
2014 Girls CAL State Champions
2014 Girls CAL Division Champions
2014 Boys CAL Division Champions 
2013 Girls CAL Division Champions
2013 Boys CAL Division Champions
2012 Girls CAL State Champions
2012 Girls CAL Division Champions
2011 Girls CAL State Champions
2011 Girls CAL Division Champions
2011 Boys CAL Division Champions
2010 Girls CAL Division Champions
2009 Girls CAL State Champions
2009 Girls CAL Division Champions
2008 Girls CAL State Champions
2008 Girls CAL Division Champions
2008 Fall Providence Regional & Diocesan Champions
2012 Division Champions
2007 Division Champions
2008 State Champions
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  • Summer Spirit Newsletter - Volume 6, Edition 1
    At ICCRS, excellence in education is not merely limited to the academic year. Click hereto learn more about the exciting programs taking place around our campus this summer!
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