Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School
General Information
Arrival to School
The safety of all our students is the primary concern for our community.  It is essential that we all work together (parents, students and professionals) to ensure safe and secure arrival and dismissal from school.  Supervision of students begins at 7:45 AM in the school cafeteria.  Arrangements with parents who need to drop their K-8 child off to school earlier than 7:45 AM should be made with the principal. At 8:00 AM students report to their classroom/homeroom for morning routine.  Student must arrive in their class/homeroom between 8:00-8:15 AM to be marked on-time. The school day begins at 8:15 AM and our school is legally bound to record when students arrive for instruction.  Students who arrive after 8:15 AM must report to the main office to sign in.  These students will be marked “tardy.” We will begin each day at 8:15 AM with our school prayer, the Pledge of Allegiance and our morning radio show.  We want all our students to start the day in prayer together so we look forward to students being present by 8:15 AM.
Parents/guardians dropping off students at school should do so at the main entrance of the school and are asked to pull forward past the entrance to allow as many cars as possible to move from the street onto the front entrance drive way.
All individuals crossing the front entrance driveway must use the crosswalk when crossing the street.  Our crossing guard assists in keeping all individuals safe from 7:45 AM to 8:30 AM each day.  Parents are welcome to park and walk children into the front entrance of the school.
Escorting Children to Classrooms
To protect the safety of all students, only Pre-K and K parents may escort children to their child’s interior classroom door before 8:15 AM.  All other parents are welcome to escort their children to the lobby of the school but should not walk the child to his/her classroom door.  All who enter after 8:15 AM should report to the main office. 
Absent From School
If your child is sick or not feeling well, please keep your child home from school so as to ensure the health of all students and keep the best interest of your own child as top priority.  If your child will not be coming to school the parent MUST call the school before 9:30 AM.  Upon returning to school, please provide a doctor’s note or handwritten parent note detailing reason for school absence.  Parents have the option to check RENWEB for homework assignments or missed work.  If a child will be absent from school for a prolonged period of time (three or more days), please call Ms. Maurano, Dean of Student Life, to coordinate make-up work timetables. 
Changes in Dismissal Procedures
If a student’s dismissal deviates from the pre arranged dismissal noted on the dismissal form, parents must send a note into the student’s class/homeroom teacher –OR- call the main office BEFORE NOON on that day.  To ensure your child’s wellbeing, please do not wait until the end of the day to call the main office as it is very difficult to coordinate your child’s dismissal at the end of the school day.
School Closings
In the event of a school closing parents/guardians will be notified by email, text message and can consult major TV/radio news stations.  Our school ALWAYS follows school closings of Cranston Public Schools.
Dismissal from School
To ensure adequate instructional time, our school day ends at 2:30 PM.  We have assigned our professional staff to duties that help to ensure safety.  Our elementary teachers will all remain in their classrooms to assemble and assure our students are properly dismissed to the appropriate location.   Our professional staff will serve as monitors to escort walkers, bus students and extended care students to appropriate locations where they will be supervised until departure.
Parents who will be picking up their children from school must be aware of the following:
  1. Pre-K and K parents should arrive at the outside classroom school door between 2:25-2:30 to escort your child home.  If a Pre-K and K parent has a child in an upper grade and would like all your children to be assembled for pick up by the Pre-K and K door, please mark that notation on the dismissal form.
  1. Grades 1-5 parents should arrive at the front entrance of the school.  Please keep the outside landing clear so that all children can remain with faculty until pick-up guardians are visible.  Students will wait on the landing with professional staff until 2:45.  Parents must come to the landing to take their child home. 
  1. Walkers in the middle school will be dismissed from the backside of the school building through the middle school exit doors (behind the outside courtyard).  Parents are asked to meet their children in the front of the school at the far side of the building (by the backyard field) or arrange a common meeting location with your child by the school.  Middle school siblings of students in 1-5 can meet younger siblings at the front entrance landing.
Extended Care
Supervised Extended Care takes place each school day (unless noted on the school calendar) from 2:30-5:30 PM.  The cost of this service is $6.50 per hour and is billed each ¼ hour.  Four adult faculty and staff members supervise students on campus in our cafeteria, theater, gym, computer lab, library and courtyard.  Parents/guardians can pick up children by entering the secured main entrance and reporting to the main office to sign out the child.  To ensure the safety of all students, any adults entering the building may wait in the main office or lobby but are not allowed to walk throughout the school building.  Invoices for parents detailing Extended Care charges will be sent home biweekly in the student’s home/school folder.
The primary vehicle for communicating with our families is through email.  Important information and documents can also be found on the school website:  Documents, assignments, test, notes and quizzes are also sent home with children by class/homeroom teacher via a home/school folder that each child should keep in his/her backpack.  Families who wish to communicate with a teacher should consult the school website for a listing of all faculty and staff email addresses.
School Calendar
The official school calendar is located on the school website  Dates or events may change and will always be noted on the school calendar on the website and on RENWEB.  We have enclosed a paper copy of major dates and events, but please consult the web calendar throughout the year for official details and changes.
Hot Lunch
Hot lunch is served each day unless noted on the school calendar.  Hot lunch is served by Mixed Grill Catering on Monday-Thursday and from Tommy’s Pizza on Friday.  Monday – Thursday hot lunch menus are emailed to parents and posted on the school website a month in advance.  Pizza order forms are distributed at the start of the school year. In order to ensure your order is placed in time please send your order and payment in by the stated deadline.
Lost and Found
Lost and found items are placed in a bin at the far end of the cafeteria.  We traditionally have a large number of items that are collected throughout the school year.  Parents may check the lost and found bin for items collected throughout the day.  Please also periodically check to see if your child has taken home a uniform item with another’s name listed on the tag. 
Label Personal Items
Please put your child’s name on anything that has an opportunity to be left behind.  Lunch bags, clothing, notebooks and personal uniform items are often left around the school building and are easily returned to a student if the item has been labeled with the child’s name.
Even the most responsible child may find it difficult to care for expensive items brought into a busy and dynamic school environment.  Please know that a child and his/her family are personally responsible for any item brought into the school.  In any school, Catholic or otherwise, children will act their age.  Please be cautious if you allow children to bring expensive technology, clothing or personal items to school.  The school will not assume liability any individual’s personal items.
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