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Allergy Aware Campus


Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School works within the guidelines of state law to provide appropriate safety and health protocols that work to protect all students.  While our school is NOT a Peanut and Nut Free School, we are an Allergy Responsive Community.  As with many schools, we have a significant number of students who have documented medical allergies to certain foods.   We ask all families to partner with the school to create an environment that is free of allergens that make it difficult for some members to participate in the least restrictive way. We ask all families to be aware of the following protocols and procedures put in place to protect all students:

Our school goes to great lengths to provide an accommodating environment to those students with allergies so that all are treated as fairly as possible.  We all work together to ensure the following policies are enforced:

  1. Notices appear at entrances to the school to alert guests that we are an allergy responsive community, all food is eaten in the cafeteria.

  2. All food (with the exception of approved allergy sensitive snacks in Pre-K) will not be eaten in the classroom or any other space in the school.

  3. Any snacks or foods provided directly by the school (such as hot lunch) will not contain nuts or peanuts. 

  4. Any school events or PTO sponsored events where food is eaten will appropriately accommodate students with allergies so that all students can participate.

  5. A “Peanut – Tree Nut” free table will be provided in the cafeteria and made available to those students whose parents request a child sit at this table.  The child may bring a friend to the table who doesn’t have any food that might contaminate the table. Adults will monitor and supervise this table during lunch.  Children at the nut free table may use the bathroom in the health office during lunch if they desire.

  6. Students may not bring loose nuts to school (such as trail mix, peanuts, almonds) that might be dropped on the floor.

  7. All families are asked not to send in peanut butter / “nut-butter” sandwiches or snacks.  We cannot ensure what a family will pack for lunch, however we will appropriately respond.  To protect all students, adult staff will monitor what is being eaten at the cafeteria tables.  If a child does bring in an item with nuts, peanut butter or tree-butter, he or she will be moved to eat at a designated “nut table” (the child can also bring a friend).  Adults will monitor this table and students must wash their hands in the cafeteria bathroom after lunch.  

  8. Adult staff will monitor all students to provide a responsive environment that protects students.

  9. All lunches must be in containers (lunch boxes) that protect food contents from contaminating the classroom. 

  10. Each classroom teacher will be informed of all allergies and be trained to respond to specific health plans in place to protect students.  

  11. Parents work with the school administration and the school nurse to develop specific response plans to address concerns of those students with allergies to foods.

  12. IN CERTAIN CASES OF STUDENT FOOD ALLERGIES: students in a particular classroom may be asked to place lunches in one of two special classroom lunch bins that keep food from entering the classroom entirely.  Students in certain classrooms may also be asked to clean hands with wipes provided for each student upon entering. 

Parents are requested to contact the school nurse regarding any and all food allergies, special dietary needs and any and all other mealtime concerns.   An IHP will be created to respond to specific physician documented concerns and staff will be notified of appropriate emergency measures that need to be taken.

While we will go to great lengths to respond to any medical / health concern, food purchased by parents and brought into school by students may have been manufactured in a factory that processes products that contains peanuts/nuts.

Suggested List of Peanut/Nut Free Snacks

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