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How to Prepare

What should I pack each day?

For all of our summer programs, participants should be ready to bring a daypack or backpack filled with the following items labeled with their name:


- Sunscreen (preferably spray on)
- Sunglasses (optional)
- Bathing suit and towel (along with a plastic grocery bag to store wet clothes)
- Flip flops or water shoes for water activities (For safety reasons, parents are asked to ensure that their child arrives and leaves wearing sneakers or sturdy shoes.)
- A nut-free lunch and beverage, along with a small snack and beverage included that can be eaten/drank between events in the morning (Please note that additional, surprise snacks will be provided by us some afternoons during the program.)


- Medical necessities such as a child’s daily prescribed medication or epi-pens should be given to the EXPLORE director at the beginning of the week or each morning and picked up upon the completion of the program. All medication should be in the original container with the child's name. Participants cannot be in possession of medication for safety reasons. Additionally, the EXPLORE director will ensure that medication is taken, but for safety reasons, cannot dispense medication to campers. 


What should I leave at home?

To ensure an organized and meaningful experience free from distraction, we strongly recommend that the following items be left at home:


- Money (Tuition covers all fees and costs involved in the program experience.  Money is not needed for any portion of the day; kids in our middle school program will be advised of whether addtiional money is needed for personal souvenirs on field trip days, etc.)
- Electronics or expensive clothing and belongings (Parents are asked to use discretion in what they allow their child to bring to our program. In any enviornment, Catholic or otherwise, children will act their age. Immaculate Conception will not assume liability for one’s personal belongings.)  


Additional, more detailed information regarding these - and other important items - can be found here.

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