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Cultural Arts and Science Education

The Cultural Arts and Science Educational (C.A.S.E.) Program at Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School enriches our academic experience with athletic, artistic and cultural learning.  When many schools are cutting the arts and "non-traditional" academic learning, our professional staff is deeply committed to helping young learners develop creativity, physical ability, musicality, expression, leadership skills, ability to collaborate and appreciation for literature, culture and beauty.


The C.A.S.E program consists of:

  • Physical Education and Health

  • Spanish

  • Music and Drama

  • Visual Arts

  • Library and Literacy

  • Computer Technology and Digital Media

  • Advisory

  • Health Education

Students in grades Pre-K through 8 rotate each week through C.A.S.E classes as an opportunity to develop as well rounded and culturally diverse learners.  We are proud of our schools commitment to a broad and dynamic curriculum that engages students in unique ways.    Our school is uniquely committed to enhancing World Language Learning.  Students in grades Pre-K begin spanish language learning at age 4 and continue in class once a week.  Students in grades 3-8 participate in Spanish language learning twice each week throughout the entire school year.

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