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Walkathon Tuesday, October 24th

Walkathon fundraiser will remain open until Monday afternoon. With your continued efforts, contributions will be channeled into three essential areas:

  • Theater: We will invest in theater upgrades, including lighting and equipment, to enhance our young performers' experience and showcase their talents.

  • Innovation Center: We're expanding our resources in the Innovation Center, adding tools to foster creativity and innovation while also growing our robotics program.

  • New Athletics Uniforms: We'll provide our athletes with top-quality uniforms, ensuring they're equipped and ready to represent our school with pride.

Every step counts, so let's keep pushing forward!

Please follow the steps below to register:

1. Click on this link.

2. Sign Up

3. "I am a parent/guardian."

4. Select School: Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School

5. Follow prompts to enter your child's name, grade, etc.

6. Send the link to friends and family!


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