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The Arts at Immaculate Conception

The Arts at Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School are thriving thanks to the energy and enthusiam of talented and dedicated students, professional staff and families.   We believe that young learners need to be exposed to and emersed in creative arts experiences.  We believe that all young people have the ability to express themselves creatively.   Our enriching academic Arts program and our after school arts programs offer students of all abilities the chance to discover new talents, share in creative endevors and develop skills and attitudes that will lead to productive and enriching lives.  

Art, music and drama play an important role in the lives of Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional students. Lessons promote personal growth and self-esteem. In addition to learning skills, students are exposed to the history of art and the values that are essential to their becoming creative, self-satisfying individuals.


Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School takes pride in the artwork of its students and finds every occasion to showcase these talents through exhibits, shows and contests.


At Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School our music facility, Visual Arts studio and state-of-the-art theater, encourage students to tap into the creative side of education. We believe there’s an artist in every student, and at Immaculate Conception they can find an outlet that’s right for them.


We offer Arts programs in:

  • Chorus

  • Drama and Theatrical Performance

  • Handbell Choir 

  • Visual Arts


In addition to our in school Arts curriculum, students can participate in the After School Arts Program that runs Monday through Friday with different arts offerings for each grade level.

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