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Christian Service

“In everything I showed you that by working hard in this manner you must help the weak and remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He Himself said, 'It is more blessed to give than to receive." Acts 20:35


We are called by faith to go into the world to share the love of God with all those we meet.  Each person, at every age, is called to become Christ for another by serving every person with a humble heart and with a generous spirit.  At Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School, we encourage each member of our community to develop a love for serving others without seeking reward or acknowledgement.   Our world so desperately needs individuals who are willing to share God’s love and help create a more just, compassionate and free society.

Our Christian Service Program asks every student to become more mindful of the need to develop a habit of serving.  By participating in any act of service, we put ourselves at the needs of others to help, assist, encourage, inspire and love.  It is our goal that by holding our students accountable to acts of Christian service each child will instill in him/herself a lifelong attitude for serving every member God’s world.


Christian service puts faith into action.  As we study and look to Jesus Christ as our role model and the Master Teacher, we come to a greater understanding of the depth of Christian service.  Jesus served every person regardless of creed, background, faith, social status or age.  He put faith into action by showing all those around him how our Heavenly Father is compassionate, courageous and forgiving.  Jesus didn’t just talk about His faith; He lived it. 


Every student is asked to seek out ways to serve members of our family, school, faith community, neighborhood and/or civic community.   Christian service takes on many forms from simple acts shared in our homes to grand acts in our community.  The most important aspect of our Christian service is to “do something” as Jesus would have done.


Christian Service is different than community service because our acts of service are done to mirror the life of Jesus and the love of God.   Our acts of service must be performed with a goal to bring the spirit, compassion, attitude and humility of God to those we serve.




An “act of Christian service” is defined as any time served modeling the attitude of Jesus in service to God’s creation without receiving reward or payment.   The goal of the act should be to help build up another and/or make our world a more loving, happier, safer, cleaner, holier place.  If a student or family is unsure of an act of Christian service, the middle school religion teacher has authority to approve any act deemed appropriate.



Family Acts

  • Assisting a sick or weak loved one.

  • Serving as family meal prayer leader before the family eats dinner each night.

  • Tutoring/mentoring a brother or sister.

  • Organizing a family event that brings loved ones closer together.


School Acts

  • Volunteering as tutor or activity leader during extended care on Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Assisting a faculty or staff member before or after school hours.

  • Volunteering to stay after school and make our building or grounds more clean or beautiful.

  • Organize and present an afterschool


Faith Community Acts

  • Serving as a student faith leader (alter server, reader, chorus member) during worship service.

  • Assisting in faith formation programs or community event as a volunteer.

  • Commit to praying every day at a specific time for a particular need or individual.


Neighborhood Acts

  • Making the neighborhood more beautiful, clean or safe.

  • Assisting an elderly person or neighbor in need of yard or housework.

  • Working to clean up a park or public area.

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