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Learning Resource

At Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School, we know that students learn at different rates and at different times. Our Learning Resource Program, coordinated by Mrs. Sue McKenna, helps to address the learning needs of students while in our educational program.   Specialized resource is provided to students who meet the qualifications of an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or a Section 504 Plan in grades K-8.

Our school offers a full-time resource teacher  who is available to assist families in determining appropriate instructional support to aid a learner.  While Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School may not be able to fully support  all educational resource requests, we make the best effort to provide substantially equivalent accommodations and learner support, as we are able by financial and staff constraints.

Our school resource staff  will aid families in accessing available state and city/town aid when requested and available.   Our Academic Dean will assist any concerned parents in coordinating resources or testing with appropriate city/town coordinators. Parents are responsible for bringing IEP’s to the Dean of Students.


Many students require or request personal tutoring for individual growth or enrichment in a particular area.  This service is above and beyond the scope of the tuition funded academic program offered at that school.  The parents contractually arrange a private tutor. The school is happy to assist any parent who wishes to hire a personal tutor. Many teachers at the school are available for private tutoring and parents can discuss this concern with the teacher personally or the Academic Dean can be contacted to assist with arrangements.

Learning Resource inquires, please contact:

Mrs. Melissa Rogers

Resource Teacher for Grades: 3-8

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