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Health Services

Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School has a full-time registered nurse on site each school day.  Mrs. Habershaw, school nurse, assists in maintaining a healthy and safe school environment for our students and staff.  The school nurse coordinates and promotes the healthy development of our students and works with parents to ensure that all students are screened at important developmental stages.  All health and medical records that are required by the school are kept on record with our nurse and confidentiality is maintained with the nurse, administration and student life team. 


Mrs. Habershaw coordinates the completion and implementation of all Individualized Health and Emergency Health Plans that document specific health intervention responses needed to ensure a child’s well being while at our school.  The school can only work with parents and respond to student health concerns that are documented with an official IHP/EHP.  Parents are welcome to call the school nurse to address the creation and implementation of this important documentation.

A child who does not feel well should not be sent to school. A child who becomes ill or is injured during the day is promptly sent to the school nurse. Our school nurse is available everyday from 7:45 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. to attend to the medical needs of our students. On those occasions when a child must be sent home, prompt pickup is essential. Be sure that all phone numbers on the Emergency Care Card are accurate and current. No child can be sent home from school unless a parent, or person delegated by the parent, comes to the school office to pick him/her up. The parent or an agent of the family must sign the student out before the child can be released.



We are committed to keeping your child safe and healthy while growing in knowledge and faith at Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School.  Rhode Island State Law requires that students are compliant with certain immunization and physical examination requirements before being allowed to enter into the school building. Acceptable evidence of immunization must be presented before student entry at the start of school.  It must include the day, month and year of each dose of vaccine administered and it must be signed by a physician.  The physician or dentist may choose to use the school provided forms as documentation or may supply an official record from the doctor’s office as evidence of compliance for school.

Guidelines for Minimum Required Number of Doses of Each Vaccine

*Students entering seventh grade are required to receive a Tdap booster unless this vaccine has been administered within the last five years.

Students Entering Kindergarten

Vision Screening and Lead Screening are required for before entry into the school.



Except for the nurse employed by Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School, no employee, staff/faculty, or volunteer may dispense or administer any medication (prescription or non-prescription) to any student at any time under any circumstances, except for minor first aid treatment (such as applying Band-Aids) and the emergency treatment of a student as allowed by health department regulations.


No student is allowed to carry prescription or non-prescription medication into school without the knowledge of the school nurse who will ensure appropriate documents are on record with the school.  Parents/legal guardians of students must bring medication in the original container to the office to be secured and administered by the school nurse. 


If a student needs to be medicated during the school day, the child’s parent or guardian is required to fill out the medical administration form and return that information to the school nurse.  All medication must be brought to the school nurse in the original container with official label.   No child may carry medication in school without official physicians orders and knowledge of the school nurse.   The school nurse will coordinate the administration of any medication during the school day.


With permission from the school nurse and prescription by a medical professional, students are allowed to carry emergency epi-pens and inhalers with them to be used only in the case of an emergency.  In classrooms where students carry epi-pens or inhalers, professional staff will be notified and trained of their proper usage should the unlikely event arise where the use of the devise is required.



Mrs. Marie Habershaw, RN, BSN

School Nurse

(401) 942-7245 ext. 241

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