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School Life

Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School strives to build a culture of character, responsibility and respect where every member of the community feels safe, welcomed and loved.  Our school culture is formed by our faith and spiritual identity as a Catholic school community.  We draw great strength from our special relationship to Mary the Immaculate Conception who is Mother of God and patroness of our school.  Our faith and values animate our school vision to continually strive in becoming a place where academic, artistic and athletic excellence is fostered.


The corner stone of our school life is our "Code of Community." All members of Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School are called to live out lives that reflect the values of our code and promote a more loving community of learners.  We are proud of our school and know that can all work and come together to build up God's Kingdom on earth by challenging ourselves to be the very best we can be.  

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