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At Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School our students and faculty dress in a manner that is conducive to educational excellence.  We value the high standards by which we teach and learn. Our uniform dress code for students reflects a common commitment to present our very best selves while taking pride in our school’s identity.  Our appearance during the school day reflects our belief that the educational experience is important and valuable; it is worthy of “looking our best”.  Our common dress code helps to focus a student’s attention on communal identity, commitment to academic excellence and the importance of discipline in developing character through faith.  A student’s ability to adhere to a common dress code helps to reinforce behaviors of character that will only grow more apparent as the child matures into a world of more common codes of behavior and etiquette that require self-discipline and personal commitment.



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Our Standard of Dress



All students are expected to be in full uniform as approved by the school and outlined in this guidebook from entering homeroom until 2:30 PM each day. With the exception of physical education uniforms, shirts should be tucked during academic classes and activities. A student may choose to untuck his/her shirt during lunch and recess time and is kindly asked to resume appropriate uniform presentation for the remainder of the day.  Students in grades 3-8 are expected to wear a coordinating belt with uniform items that have belt loops.


Hairstyles should be neat and appropriate. Students may not dye their hair unnatural hair colors during the school year. Girls may wear modest headbands or tie hair with hair bands that coordinate with the school uniform. Acceptable colors for headbands are: black, brown, blue, white or yellow.  


Make-up and Fingernail Polish

At the discretion of the parent, young woman in the middle school may wear make-up and fingernail polish that is in modest taste and appropriate for a Catholic middle school student.  Students in grades Pre-K-5 are discouraged from wearing make-up or colored fingernail polish to school, however at a parent’s discretion, if a child in Pre-K to 5 is allowed to wear make up or nail polish it is expected to be minimal and modest.  Anything more than modest will be asked to be removed in school. We kindly ask parents to help monitor the appropriateness of color a child may wear to school.



At the discretion of the parents, girls in all grades may wear small stud earrings and/or one piece of jewelry such as a cross or religious medal underneath the uniform or a bracelet.  Boys are also allowed to wear one piece of jewelry such as a cross or religious metal under uniform.  

Dress Down Days and Spirit Days

Once a month students earn the opportunity to dress down from standard uniform dress code and wear clothes that are neat and appropriate for school.  Students may not wear clothing that is inappropriate in length or design for Catholic elementary school community. Students may not wear sandals, open toe or open back shoes for safety reasons. Throughout the school year we celebrate Spirit Days as a way to collectively showcase our school pride.  On these days students have the option of wearing the standard uniform, any Immaculate Conception apparel, spirit gear or may– blue and gold (yellow) clothing.  Students should not wear significant amounts of any non-school color on spirit day.


A Common Sense Approach

Our goal in a standard code for dress is for students to showcase their personality not by what they wear, but rather through their personality, talents and diverse abilities.  All are invited to partner together to create a culture where students do not need to fear being judged by appearances. Our dress code is most successful when parents monitor how children leave for school and our staff members enforce our common code and standard when students arrive.  

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