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Dean of Students

As the Dean of Student Life at Immaculate Conception,  I oversee the physical, emotional, and social well-being & safety of our students.  This can look very different between helping a Little Saint tie a shoe or a 4th grader open a tight lunch container; personalizing an individual learning plan to help a 6th grader in the classroom, helping a 7th grader navigate a challenging social situation or an 8th grader prepare for high school applications.  The wonderful thing about our school is that it is small enough to allow me to do all those things in one day, and still have time to visit each and every classroom.

Immaculate is an open and welcoming environment and our goal is to help all students enjoy and thrive in their daily routine of coming to school.  School safety is priority #1 for me - not just in these times of COVID-19 or in terms of any external dangers - but in helping students feel calm, emotionally safe, comfortable, and able to learn.  


Our teacher team is extremely tied into this mission, and the importance they place on developing a strong school community is well-established.  Students who spend either one year or their entire early school career at Immaculate are absorbed into the fabric of a loving and caring community.  We aim to help students develop character and become self-reflective learners over time, around our Code of Christian Community:

  • We value Respect

  • We value Responsibility

  • We value Cooperation

  • We value Self-Control

  • And Honesty is the Best Policy


We implement a restorative approach to discipline and aim to improve communication in resolving conflicts that arise.  Ultimately, our goal is to provide a balanced education where academic growth and learning is complemented by developing good citizens who will become leaders both here at Immaculate and in their next school settings and beyond.



Mr. Matthew DiTomasso

Dean of Student Life

401-942-7245 x 248

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