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Code of Community

THE CODE OF COMMUNITY: Value Centered Actions, Attitudes and Choices


We value RESPECT, therefore we don’t tolerate...

  • Disrespectful, lewd or inappropriate language or actions toward or about others.

  • Inappropriate or unwarranted physical contact with another.

  • Vandalism of any kind to school or another’s property.

  • Bullying, harassing or embarrassing another.

  • Disregard in respecting those who have the responsibility to educate, parent, enforce fair and consistent policies, or provide and promote a safe and healthy learning environment.


We value CHARACTER, therefore we don’t tolerate...

  • Putting down, making fun of or intentionally excluding another person.

  • Possession, distribution or use of weapons, illegal substances or inappropriate material.

  • Lying, cheating or plagiarizing.

  • Disregard of the school dress code.

  • Stealing or taking something that belongs to another without that person’s permission.

We value RESPONSIBILITY, therefore we don’t tolerate...

  • Inappropriate misuse of the technology and digital media including social networking or texting on or off school property.

  • Disregard of school/classroom expectations, rules, policies or procedures.

  • Making excuses at the expense of taking personal responsibility.

  • Unwillingness to accept consequences for inappropriate behavior or poor choices.

  • Displaying or embracing attitudes, actions or values that are contrary to the school mission.

Honesty is the Best Policy​

In our effort to encourage “character through faith” all community members are encouraged to be truthful in all situations. In all cases of behavioral intervention where a member is held accountable for his/her choices, the outcome of the disciplinary action will result from that members' ability and willingness to be truthful and accept personal responsibility.


A Partnership in “Character Through Faith.”

At Immaculate Conception Catholic Regional School we strive to encourage “character through faith.”  Our code of conduct calls all members of this community to act in the best interest of all.  Our Christian identity reminds us that all persons are made in the image of God with the potential to adopt appropriate and life-affirming attitudes, actions, choices and values. 

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